Spanish | 2 Parts | Age 12-15

About this film
  • Language: Spanish
  • Episodes: 2
  • Length: Part 1 (12:05), Part 2 (6:39)
  • Age: 12-15
  • Release Date: 2020
What's Included
book icon Workbook
camera icon 2 episodes
script icon Full Script

This is written for teenagers who are learning Spanish as a second language.  

  • Filmed: 2019
  • Location: Valencia
  • Number of characters: Seven
  • Level of Spanish: Intermediate

The Plot

This comical film in 2 parts has a wonderfully engaging story. Conchita persuades her friend Paloma to hold a party for her birthday. But Paloma becomes more unsure if this party really is a good idea . A relatable comedy for all teenagers learning Spanish.

  • Modern new script
  • Premium, high quality production team
  • Level appropraite for your students
  • Perfectly pitched and aged appropriate

This film comes with a selection of worksheets.

We engaged an experienced language teacher, currently working in a school, to devise excellent teacher resources for our films.

Onatti is creating modern tailored films and it is important that these are accompanied by worksheets and activities to make the most of this resource.
A full transcript is included

We aim to inspire teachers and engage students.

The films are an exciting way to boost your student’s confidence in listening skills.
Authentic language spoken by native actors in real situations and filmed in the relevent country.
Slow delivery of the spoken word without sounding deliberate or patronising. All words, characters and storylines are suitably “age” appropriate.

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Using targeted vocabulary and correct sentence structure, Onatti Films brings exciting modern short films which mix level appropriate language with engaging and entertaining stories. We promise slow delivery of the spoken word without sounding deliberate or patronising. Your students deserve to watch authentic foreign language films.“At last, modern foreign language films made for the classroom!”