We are a company that specialise in producing theatre, and now film, to complement language teaching. All our created pieces are performed in a language which the audience do not speak but are learning to speak.
We produce new, modern writing aimed at children and young people. Onatti started producing Foreign Language Theatre in Education in 2001 and have become a trusted educational resource with teachers around Europe.
Your students are consuming media and learning though film and video though social media, YouTube and TV more than ever before. This method of learning is so effective for educating and we know the unique style of Onatti's writing and delivery fits this perfectly.
During our research teachers have told us that some textbook exercise themes can be outdated. Our films are modern, educational, relevant to modern student life, and age appropriate!
We are producing high-budget, tailored films, together with worksheets, which teachers can use in the classroom, plan lessons, set homework and teach modern foreign languages in a new, exciting way.
It is of huge importance that each film is designed to develop your student’s skills in “applying the language they already know” to enable them to follow the stories.
We know that new language should always be presented surrounded by familiar vocabulary and phrases to indirectly expose them to unfamiliar words. Onatti Films contains many different characters within the story. This gives the students watching the opportunity to hear many different tones and intonations. This helps to maintain their attention and enjoyment throughout the film and also gives teachers more scope for activities, questions and observation exercises.
The plots in our films will highlight many similarities to your student’s life, set within a backdrop of a foreign country, making them relatable and increasing their enjoyment by empathising with the characters and storylines.
These films are specifically targeted at students learning a foreign language but when these are shown to native speakers they also hugely enjoy our films. This is important to us as it shows that, although the language is simple, it is fully understood and very entertaining for all audiences.
Your students deserve to watch authentic foreign language films. Within the constants of targeted vocabulary and sentence structure Onatti will always bring exciting modern short films which mix level appropriate language with engaging and entertaining stories - we will never patronise.
Yes. Each of our films come with bespoke worksheets which have been created by MLF teachers. We tailor each worksheet to the storyline to ensure questions are relevant to the plot of the film. You can use our worksheets as a full lesson plan, or you can use our films as a focal point to plan your own lessons and create your own worksheets or homework for your students.
You will have full access to all films and teaching resources for a full 365 days from the date of purchase.
Yes - The subscription is registered to your school, so you can share you login details with any teacher in your MFL department.
We do not allow teachers to share their login details with other schools. Your license is locked to your school and cannot be shared with partner schools or Academy groups. Each school will need their own subscription.
We do not currently offer a student login option. Our resources are designed to be shown in class and used as a lesson plan. Our films are not designed to be streamed from your student's home.
Our films and videos are hosted via private Vimeo links that are accessed exclusively through your subscription to Onatti Films. Our teaching resources may be viewed through a standard web browser, classroom interactive whiteboards, printed out. Schools are not permitted to download and share our films offline. For more information please check our privacy policy.
It's really simple - Once you've purchased your subscription, click on the 'Teacher Login' button in the top right corner of your screen - Simple enter your login details and you will be directed to your account. Here you can stream your films, download teaching resources, edit your account details and reset your password.
Navigate to the teacher login page (click 'Teacher Login' in the top right corner of your screen). You will see a button to reset your password for your account. If you continue to have problems with your account then please get in touch with us via email: support@onatti.co.uk
Yes! This website is purely dedicated to Onatti Films - If you're looking to book our live theatre to visit your school, then please visit our theatre website: www.onatti.co.uk

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Using targeted vocabulary and correct sentence structure, Onatti Films brings exciting modern short films which mix level appropriate language with engaging and entertaining stories. We promise slow delivery of the spoken word without sounding deliberate or patronising. Your students deserve to watch authentic foreign language films.“At last, modern foreign language films made for the classroom!”