Inspiring For Teachers.
Engaging For Students.

Onatti Language Theatre is extremely popular and now your school can have Onatti whenever you like!

Combining our enthusiasm with your student's increase use of video, we are creating fantastic Modern Foreign Language Films to inspire your students.

Targeted at students learning a language

Native language in real locations

Humours and age appropriate storylines

Boosts students listening confidence

What About Teaching Resources?

Sorted! These films offer fantastic language teaching opportunities so, to save you time,
we have included some excellent teaching resources to accompany our films.

Teaching resources
  • Complements foreign language teaching
  • Exciting and modern storylines
  • Level appropraite for your students
  • Capture students attention though film
  • Encourages confidence

What Do Teachers Tell Us?

"How amazing to be able to bring the magic of Onatti into your classroom whenever you like - not to mention the resources which mean students get the most out the films"
"The students loved it!"
" All students who have seen it have loved it! "

Student Accessibility

Your students deserve to watch authentic foreign language films.
The plots in our films will highlight many similarities to your student’s life, set within a backdrop of a foreign country, making them relatable and increasing their enjoyment by empathising with the characters and storylines.

Using targeted vocabulary and correct sentence structure Onatti brings exciting modern short films which mix level appropriate language with engaging and entertaining stories - we will never patronise.

Language Benefits of the Films

Each film is designed to develop your student’s skills in “applying the language they already know” to enable them to follow the stories. New language is presented surrounded by familiar vocabulary and phrases to indirectly expose them to unfamiliar words.

Our Films use many different characters, so giving the students watching the opportunity to hear different tones and intonations.
Onatti Films offers teachers so much scope for activities, questions and observation exercises.

Unlimited Access For £45+vat

Buy now and your 12 months subscription will end on 30th September 2021 - 16 months! Unlimited access to films and teaching resources. No need to download, simply log in and access anytime.

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