Fun and engaging
Simple French For Beginners
For Age 7-13
3 Parts

Écris Moi (filmed play)
  • Language: French & English
  • Episodes: 3
  • Length:

    Part 1 (9:37)
    Part 2 (9:15)
    Part 3 (11:05)

  • Age: 7-13
  • Release Date: 2021
What's Included
camera icon 3 episodes
script icon Full Script
About this film

This is a filmed stage version of this hugely popular play for children who are at the beginning of their French learning.

  • Filmed: 2021
  • Location: Theatre
  • Number of characters: Two
  • Level of French: Beginners

Écris Moi (Filmed Play)

A brilliant and really funny story for children aged 7-13 who are learning French.

Ashley is given an email address by his French teacher and he starts emailing Renée in France. The problem is, he thinks she is a boy and Renée thinks Ashley is a girl!
They only find out their mistake when Ashley accepts an invitation to visit Renée in France!

Give your young students a chance to use their French and boost their confidence!

Écris Moi toured as a stage play in 2019-2020

"It was terrific!"
Harton Primary School

"..they were able to recognise so much French - such a positive experience..."
St.Christophers School

".we absolutely loved the performance Écris-moi..brilliant..."
Cheam School

  • Modern new script
  • Premium, high quality production team
  • Level appropraite for your students
  • Perfectly pitched and aged appropriate

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