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Over 15 years in MFL Education and Entertainment !

Onatti Theatre

We have been touring plays into schools for many years.

Onatti produces plays in French, Spanish, German and English. We send native actors to perform in schools in UK, Ireland and France. We have a great reputation for giving students an accessible way to experience native language in a fun relaxing way.

Onatti Films

Onatti's reputation for writing exciting and modern stories for an audience learning a foreign language is renowned.

Young people are increasingly using videos as a way of getting information and entertainment. We are now putting our experience into making short films. We have been planing this for a long time and are determined to give schools films which are both enjoyable and useful.

We have many plans to make many many different films. We are excited and ready.

""The scripts cleverly incorporate a wide range of vocabulary.
..engaging and relatable...
Another excellent product from Onatti."
"How amazing to be able to bring the magic of Onatti into your classroom whenever you like - not to mention the resources which mean students get the most out the films"
" All students who have seen it have loved it! "

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Using targeted vocabulary and correct sentence structure, Onatti Films brings exciting modern short films which mix level appropriate language with engaging and entertaining stories. We promise slow delivery of the spoken word without sounding deliberate or patronising. Your students deserve to watch authentic foreign language films.“At last, modern foreign language films made for the classroom!”